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Bulb energy is an affordable, renewable energy supplier based in London. The company taps its power from 100% green sources and sustainable grids in the UK. Simpler, cheaper, greener are the three values that run through their company. Below is how they explain these values a bit further:

  • Simpler – We make energy simpler – so we make your life easier. You can switch to Bulb in 2 minutes. We’ve got one, simple tariff for all. And you can speak to a human when you have a question.
  • Cheaper – We make energy cheaper – so we help you save money. We invest in technology to reduce costs. And we pass savings on to our members.
  • Greener – We make energy greener – so we help protect our planet. This isn’t about being do-gooders; it’s just about doing what makes sense for our environment and future generations.”

They currently offer:

£50 Free credit for the referrer

£50 Free credit for the referee

To sign up for bulb and get your £50 free credit, you can use the following link:

Get a quote from Bulb and get £50 credit if you become a new customer

To read my review about Bulb as a current customer, please visit: https://www.energy-review.co.uk/bulb-energy-review/