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Please note: This website is not owned or controlled by Bulb Energy. I am a Bulb customer and everything on here are my own views.

Why Switch to Bulb Energy? (summary)

If you want to know a bit more about Bulb before switching suppliers, including my customer review, then keep reading.

Firstly, here’s a quick summary of why I would recommend Bulb but you can find out more detail below:

  • One simple tariff that is genuinely one of, if not the cheapest, on the market
  • Potentially huge savings over your current supplier (it’s probably worth at least getting a quote, right?)
  • 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas (this is good!). Save the planet and save money!
  • No exit fees
  • Excellent customer service, available on live chat, email, forum, social media or phone call
  • Outstanding reviews from other customers (9.4/10 on TrustPilot with over 7,000 reviews), have a look at the reviews section
  • £100 Free credit when using a referral link, like this one: www.referralrabbit.co.uk/bulbfreecredit (limited time only, this will go back to £50 on Midnight Tuesday 6th November 2018).
  • £50 Free credit every time you refer someone to Bulb (although I would recommend people even without the credit)

*All text on this page has been written by me, a Bulb Customer, nothing on this page is endorsed by Bulb and this website is not owned or controlled by them*

Who are Bulb Energy?

Bulb energy is an affordable, renewable energy supplier based in London. The company taps its power from 100% green sources and sustainable grids in the UK. Simpler, cheaper, greener are the three values that run through their company. Below is how they explain these values a bit further:

  • Simpler – We make energy simpler – so we make your life easier. You can switch to Bulb in 2 minutes. We’ve got one, simple tariff for all. And you can speak to a human when you have a question.
  • Cheaper – We make energy cheaper – so we help you save money. We invest in technology to reduce costs. And we pass savings on to our members.
  • Greener – We make energy greener – so we help protect our planet. This isn’t about being do-gooders; it’s just about doing what makes sense for our environment and future generations.”

Get a quote from Bulb and get £100 credit if you become a new customer

What tariffs do Bulb have available?

There is only ONE single tariff for electricity and gas. It’s one of the lowest on the market, renewable or not. And they don’t even charge exit fees!

How is this possible I hear you ask? They apparently invest in technology to help keep their costs low and only partner with companies that do the same. They also claim to make lower profits than their competitors and then pass the savings on to their customers. I can’t verify either of these are true but I do know I’m on course to save over £300 than if I’d have stayed with my existing supplier and looking at the chart below, I don’t think I’m the only one!

Bulb energy review

Image taken from the Bulb.co.uk website

How to switch to Bulb Energy

Below is a video I’ve created demonstrating how easy it is to switch to Bulb energy:

Rob’s Bulb Energy review (Rob is me by the way):

“I’ve been a Bulb customer since last year and have to say I have had fantastic service so far. I originally found out about Bulb through using the service on MoneySavingExpert as part of their energy club. They came out as the second cheapest dual energy supplier, one other energy company beat them on price but this was only by a few £’s a year.

I then took to Google, read the reviews of the two companies and decided Bulb was the much better option. This was where I also discovered that rather than the £25 cashback I would get through MoneySavingExpert, I could get £50 free Bulb credit by using someone else’s referral code. Unfortunately I didn’t know anyone with Bulb, but I found a referral discount code in a review on TrustPilot, used the link that was provided and signed up. I quickly received my £50 free bulb credit.

The only issue I’ve had so far came at the first hurdle and it wasn’t even Bulb’s fault! I gave the wrong initial gas reading which meant that my final bill with my existing supplier was too high and so too was my starting figure with Bulb. I resolved this with my existing supplier (surprisingly easily!) and then spoke to someone from Bulb on live chat, who said they would update the reading for me and verify it with my existing supplier. They did this within 24 hours and emailed me once the reading had been updated in their system!

I’ve not had any other issue to this day. I try to send a reading in every month as soon as I receive an email from Bulb to tell me my bill is ready (they remind you in the email about providing a reading). You only have to provide a reading once every three months, but you can provide them as often as you like and I think this makes your bills more accurate.

The estimated usage they show you on their website on your Bulb account management screen has been very accurate and our monthly payment has stayed the same each month (although was reduced by £3 recently!)

An area I think energy companies often fall down is communication. Bulb have an active blog and regularly send out an email if there are industry-wide or company changes that will affect you. They also have a very active forum where if you have a question, you can either get an answer from Bulb employees or other members of the Bulb community. Through here I also managed to sign up for the initial testing roll out of their v2 smart meters they will be rolling out later in this year.

If you’ve managed to read all my rambling then I salute you! As you can see from my review, I thoroughly recommend Bulb and think they’re a refreshing change on the ‘old’ existing energy companies. I would recommend joining bulb today even without free credit but if you can also get £50 free credit too fore joining Bulb, that makes it even better!”

Get £50 free credit when becoming a new Bulb customer. You can get a quote from Bulb here: www.referralrabbit.co.uk/bulbfreecredit

What do other Bulb Energy reviews say:

Well for a start, they have a rating of 9.8 out of 10 on TrustPilot which is pretty insane! This isn’t just a few reviews either, currently they have over 5,500 reviews!

bulb energy reviewsThis is echoed on other reviews sites like Which? where they came 6th out of 31 energy companies and Money Saving Expert where they receive a lot of praise. They also are rated 4.9 out of 5 on Love Energy Saving based on 1,314 reviews.

What is Bulb’s service like?

In terms of customer service, I outlined above in my review how good i think it is. I wanted to mention too however how good the service is through the website and their phone app. The website is very similar to the app but currently gives you a bit more detail, it shows you your previous readings alongside your predicted usage throughout the year. As you go through the year these predicted amounts then get changed for your actual amounts for that month. The app doesn’t have this last bit included but like the website allows you to update your details and gives you details of how to get help if you need to. The added benefit of the app is you can take a picture of your meter and submit this straight through the app rather than having to take down the details and submit it.

Where does Bulb’s energy come from?

  • 100% renewable electricity
  • 10% renewable gas

The 10% green gas comes from biomethane which is produced from organic materials, like sewage and manure. The electricity is provided by three hydro-power sites alongside wind and solar power. Bulb is also looking into generating added power by using wind turbine energy.

Bulb’s Referral Program

Bulb offer a great referral program where for every new customer you recommend to Bulb Energy, you both get £50 free credit! Even without the incentive I would be referring people to Bulb but it’s a great added incentive to invite your friends and family to join also. Once you become a new customer, you will be able to access a unique referral link in your account that you can share with anyone and once they join through the link you’ll both get the £100 discount off your energy.

Bulb Energy


Energy Types


Customer Service









  • 100% Green Electricity
  • Great Customer Service
  • Easy to use App
  • Very competitive on price


  • App could have more features
  • Not always the cheapest
  1. Having had enough (for the final time!!!) of traditional energy suppliers and their extortionate rates/complete lack of customer loyalty, I researched the market and found Bulb: greener, more sustainable, one simple tariff, no lock-in contracts, easy website!

    To expand:
    100% renewable electricity (10% gas so far)
    One simple tariff (over £400 cheaper than my previous supplier)
    No exit fee, no contract
    Great customer communication, user friendly website and App
    Easy to switch (will pay up to £120 exit fees to leave your supplier)
    Breathe easy – each bulb customer saves 1.3 tonnes of CO2 from polluting the atmosphere (same as planting 655 trees).
    Uswitch ‘Best Value for Money’ Winner 2018

  2. good reading sounds like a good company (sofar).do bulb partisipate in the government warm home discount sceme

  3. When wil the smart meters for Bulb be available.
    Also will they be the current updated version?

    • Hi Peter

      Bulb haven’t confirmed a date yet but they should start rolling out later this year.


  4. How does Refferal Rabbit make its Money, i don.t suppose for one minute that they get any Monies from Bulb Energy for such a Glowing Report, & trying to get Bulb new customers??? Yes or No???

    • Hi Peter

      I haven’t tried to hide the fact that we both get £50 if someone uses my referral link. You will also have that opportunity if you become a customer.

      Sorry if it wasn’t clear.


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